About ECEC Skill School

ECEC Skill School was established in the year of 1997 at Usilampatti, Madurai District. It is mainly started to assist young students to bring effective social changes and justices over education. We begin our professional travel as a computer training center for students from rural areas who are fighting to build their career. It is an origin for young students to prove their talents in the competitive society.

Motivating Young Students Through Professional Communication

At ECEC Skill School, we working hard to make students to be strong in Communication skills, Technical IT Skills, Language Skills, and Subject Skills to achieve their professional life without any hazards. It is the milestone for students to reach their destination in a professional way.

Who Are We?

We proudly say, Our education training has started to support students who are willing to learn computer courses from rural areas around Madurai. To enhance their knowledge, we decided to establish them through our examination system in the name of “INDIAN COUNCIL OF COMPUTER RESEARCH AND EDUCATION”. It is located in Nagamalai Pudukottai at Madurai District.

In order to support energetic students, our institute will undertake the entire responsibility of providing free certificates to the students who achieved in their examinations.


At ECEC Skill School, We build the confidence and motivate our students to succeed in their Career and Life. We assure that our training can move trust, touch off the creative energy, and impart an affection for learning.


Victory is coming out of flawlessness, diligent work, gaining from disappointment, reliability, and determination. At ECEC Skill School, We make you be solid in communication. Our main motto is giving practice in every one of the three zones such as Reading, Speaking, and Listening.

Learning is easier and more fun when you do it with us

What Do We do?

  • Our enhanced communication training helps to improve your proficiency in English and Tamil language.
  • We support students to improve their English speaking in a short span of time with our spoken English training classes.
  • We helping students and employees to build their technical knowledge through our various software training courses such as C & C++, Java, Net, MySQL, Oracle, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Our language training course for students helps to improve their Tamil readability and writing, English readability and writing, and spoken English with our experienced staffs
  • ECEC Skill School proudly offer special coaching classes for ICSE and CBSE students, mathematics classes for Diploma and Engineering Students.